About Britney

I started this blog back in 2010. My intention was to write about things that were on my mind. I think I wanted to see where I ended up or what I did about things that I was struggling with. Somewhere along the way it turned into things that annoyed me, and I got complain-ey. After that, it turned into my adventures traveling and teaching overseas. I’ve only landed in one country to teach, but I’ve traveled to quite a few other places as well. Mostly in a circumference around my home city. I’m currently in Prague, Czech Republic, and have traveled to the nearby cities of Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Dresden, Berlin, Kraków, Osweicem (Auschwitz), and Barcelona as well as cities throughout the Czech Republic. I’ve also been to Amsterdam, Paris, and London in previous trips before 2010. 

Overall, looking back at my first posts, I’ve noticed that I have grown quite a lot and learned things that I wouldn’t have, had I stayed in one place being miserable. I decided to take chances doing things (and writing about them) and I’ve discovered I’m not who I was 5 years ago. So many things have changed. Anyway, this blog was for me, but, if you’ve happened upon it then …well… I published it publicly… 

Overall, you will note that my first blog experiences are a whole bunch of tangents of thoughts that, really, I should have titled after I wrote. As time has gone on, I think my thoughts and topics are more focused. I hope so, at least. But at least I have thoughts, I guess, and hopefully, you, the reader (if I have any, otherwise it’s just for my amusement) will be entertained by my one sided dialogue.
I did the artwork at the top of the page. Tempera paint on paper. Painted in the art studio/garage of my very good friend and inspiration giver who lives all the way in Ventura. I knew that painting would get posted somewhere! 😀

I’ve also started a teaching blog which you can find here. As of February 2016, I’ve just started it. But I hope to add more teacher-y posts including craft ideas, lesson ideas, and my latest challenge…classroom management. It’s not the normal same language speaking teaching, I teach English as a Foreign Language, and my very young learners do not speak English. Therefore, it’s my opinion that it might just be a little more challenging. We are not supposed to speak Czech, but, boy, does it come in handy to know some words and phrases!


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